Best Tips To Enhance Your Pot Experience

Best Tips To Enhance Your Pot Experience

Have you ever felt that even the most powerful weed strains do not make you feel high enough? If your answer is “yes,” do not search for spicy feelings in harder drugs or a big dose of alcohol! This problem is familiar to regular consumers and sometimes to the novice smokers that have not traveled to the Stoned Age yet. But somehow, every marijuana user finds his own path to nirvana.  So, these are four simple life-hacks that will help you reach incredible highs during smoking sessions.

Lifehack #1: Play the right music

What music do you prepare for romantic dates with your girlfriend? You probably choose soft jazz, lounge, or her favorite hits of Justin Timberlake. But the meeting with Mary Jane also requires a very special atmosphere. Experienced smokers recommend to download the immortal reggae hits or trance tracks. This music helps turn off your bad thoughts and concentrate on the smoking session.

Lifehack #2: Choose the right background

In childhood, you definitely saw colorful holographic pictures—fractals. Now, you can also use their benefits. Download the application with fractals on your PC or iPhone and look at them after a couple of inhales. Regular smokers with great imagination say that this trick allows you to experience amazing feelings, especially in the mixture with appropriate soundtracks.

Lifehack #3: Do not forget to clean your pot tools

A bong full of resin and residue can spoil your whole experience even with the most qualitative weed. So, if your favorite bong or pipe is dirty, do not put off washing it. Use alcohol for dissolving and salt for polishing. After that, do not forget about careful rinsing and airing to remove alcohol evaporation.

If you are too lazy to clean your smoking devices, it would be a brilliant idea to craft a new pipe or a bong from improvised materials. It can be a bottle, an orange, an apple, or even a watermelon. Nice fruity fragrance is also guaranteed. You can also find some inspiration on the Net. There are many instructions on how to make your own bong there.

Lifehack #4: Do not forget about munchies

Unfortunately, that crazy hunger after smoking is not a myth. So try to buy some light and delicious snacks before the fun begins. It is also a great idea to have plenty of chilly drinks in the fridge. That crazy thirst after enjoying a joint is also not a myth.

Now you know how to increase your high effect without spending money on rare weed strains. Use your creativity and do not hesitate to experiment!

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