Best Strains for Insomnia Treatment

Best Strains for Insomnia Treatment

A question to all insomniacs—how long have you been dreaming about a good night’s sleep? Stop living in the world of fantasies, it is time to make them come true! We have prepared a list of best strains of weed to take your disturbing dreams away. It is time to say goodbye to those horrible nights when you toss and turn until you finally become dead tired and fall asleep with the sunrise. Stop waking up clouded and irritable. Insomnia is one of the worst things that may happen to a person, but even this problem has a solution. Marijuana has shown its incredible ability to be an effective and safe “sleeping pill.” Cannabis slows down the activity of the brain, kills the pain, relaxes muscles, and provides you with its own sleepy chemicals for the long-hoped-for sleep. However, to find the strain that suits you the most is the matter of experimenting. We have gathered three best weed strains that are particularly sedating so that you can choose your favorites and know what to buy on your next visit to the local dispensary. Keep in mind that there is no weed strain that affects all patients in the same way.

Tahoe OG Kush

The effects of this strain are heavier than of your average OG Kush, that is why Tahoe OG is so recommended for patients with insomnia. Consuming this weed, either using a joint or a vaporizing pen, you will immediately feel it relaxing your muscles and preparing you for a peaceful sleep. Besides, Tahoe OG frees you from the rush of thoughts, so you will fall asleep with the clearest mind.

Granddaddy Purple

This strain is probably the easiest to be found in the market. More than that, Granddaddy Purple is known for the ability to kill the pain that makes so many patients suffer all night long. A nice berry and grape flavor will only sweeten your dreams.


Remember “Star Wars”? The principle of this strain is the same: to empower the human mind with positive thoughts to decrease the body’s tension. Besides, Skywalker is reported to exempt you from anxiety. But be careful with this strain as it is very potent, and if you take too much, your anxiety will only escalate.

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