Best Strains for Growing Gigantic Marijuana Plants

Best Strains for Growing Gigantic Marijuana Plants

Any stoner has a dream—to grow an elephant-size marijuana plant that will produce pounds of weed per plant! You think it is just a dream? Let us see if that is true! Nowadays, the marijuana genetics have succeeded in changing the yield of marijuana plants and the level THC. The answer to the question “How to grow good weed?” should be “Start with proper marijuana seed.” The way and place you grow marijuana are secondary factors that influence the yield of your plant. The better food and environment you provide for your plant, the healthier it will be. Another simple way to get gigantic marijuana plants is to give more space to their roots and feed the root system with beneficial microbes, like Piranha and Tarantula. Here are the strains that have a genetic feature to produce gigantic buds.

Brian Berry Cough

If you have a look at this strain’s buds, you will immediately associate them with little baseball bats. Brian Berry Cough is a strain with high yields. It was developed as a cross between Cherry Space Queen and Strawberry Cough. If you trim the plant early, you will double the diameter of the plant and get massive buds. Besides, the leaves will be covered with a lot of resin, so you can easily make hashish or concentrates for dabbing.

Jack Herer

Originally, this strain was bred by Sensi Seed, but now it is sourced as a clone, combining the best features of the old school genetics of the late 1960s. Jack Herer contains Haze and other sativa genetics, so get ready to make a lot of efforts to train and top the plant, or you will see how tall it can get in an outdoor garden if not topped.

Cinderella 99

This strain is a real legend, as in an extremely short bloom phase (up to 63 days), it provides heavy yields. Cinderella 99 is the best choice for outdoor growers who want to get a nice yield before autumn comes. This strain contains the effects of Jack Herer but does not make you so stoned.

Big Bud

The name of the strain speaks for itself. With a 51-day bloom phase, Big Bud is the top strain for marijuana growers who desire to have massive yields.

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