Best Movies to Watch When You Are High

Best Movies to Watch When You Are High

When you start looking for the best films you can watch when stoned, whether on your own or with your best friends, some high movies come to mind, like Pineapple Express, Cheech, and Half Baked. When you are high on marijuana, you feel like you are a great traveler who has started a big journey. Cannabis allows any smoker to think and feel everything deeper. That is why the best time to watch a high movie is in combination with your favorite weed strain. For a marijuana enthusiast, there is nothing better than watching a film that gives you an amazing epiphany after eating a delicious edible.

1. This Is Spinal Tap

In our list, this film is definitely the most mindless one and is classified as a classic stoner’s movie. Wondering how to make yourself laugh out loud? It is enough just to listen to lots of ways how English musicians bicker with one another, each with their own accent. With this movie, a fun high night is guaranteed. By the way, we have found that the best strain to smoke while watching this film is Xanadu—the most uplifting sativa you can ever experience. Want to be giggling nonstop? Make a perfect combination of Xanadu and Spinal Tap.

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

It is one of Wes Anderson’s classic films that due to its set design, colorful schemes, color grading, and attentiveness to details is a marvelous visual journey you will definitely appraise. We recommend you to consume Space Queen before watching this film to maximize your attentiveness and observation, which are very important while watching this film of Wes Anderson and his crew.

3. Submarine

You will find this film very melancholic, but what is really great about it is the uniqueness of filmography, which is just phenomenal. The scenes were shot in the U.K. landscapes under natural weather conditions. Submarine is a romantic comedy suitable for all ages. The strain that will fit this film the most is G.O.A.T.—the hybrid with a relaxing effect that makes it possible to focus on the film’s content.

Now you are ready to get stoned and have some fun watching old films from a new perspective.

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