Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Your State

Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Your State

Every month, Leafly updates the list of the greatest dispensaries or drugstores in North America to simplify the lives of everyone who is searching for them. The list contains top marijuana dispensaries in nine states of North America. The top drugstores are determined with the help of the index system that ranks the survey results received from patients about the quality of each location, its service, assortment, and general atmosphere. Select your region below and find the dispensary that suits you the most. If you have problems with finding the location of a drugstore in your region, be free to use Weedmaps and services.

1. Arizona

Tru|med. This dispensary has the highest index due to the strong strains it offers, including OG Kush and Blue Dream, as well as a number of delicious edibles. You will find this place extremely friendly and clean.

2. Northern California

Caliva. This dispensary started to provide cannabis to patients in July 2015. It is modern and clean; it offers only high-quality weed and hires only professional staff, which without doubts makes Caliva the top dispensary in the region.

3. Southern California

GreenLeaf Collective. A wide range of weed strains to choose from and helpful volunteers are what will make you immediately like this drugstore and become its regular customer.

4. Colorado

Infinite Wellness Center. This drugstore has a three-B policy: best prices, best products, and best service. Take you time to enjoy all the benefits of IWC.

5. Michigan

The Jazz Club. There is no other place with such qualified customer care as in Jazz Club. Endless assortment and prices for patients with any income make this drugstore the state’s best one.

6. Oregon

The Green Planet. This dispensary has a high reputation in the state due to affordable prices for top-quality weed in an overwhelming selection.

7. Washington

Worlds of Weed. Every day, this location stays opened until 10 p.m. to satisfy customers and make medical marijuana accessible to everyone.

8. British Columbia

Canna Clinic Medical Society. Since 2012, this drugstore has stocked a wide range of products to satisfy every patient and every need.

9. Ontario

Canna Clinic Kensington. There is no better place where you can find effective and proper cannabis in the region. Stop by and check it out.

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