Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates

Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates

Though every new cannabis user knows the basics of the marijuana world, the most intimidating thing for everybody are concentrates. The whole variety of concentrates is just a pile of unfamiliar terms. When you are going to a dispensary to buy either medical or recreational marijuana, you may easily become lost in the range of available cannabis concentrates, as a beginner usually has no idea about their dosages, quality, and effects on the body. Moreover, there are so many 420 accessories and people often do not know what to use to consume the concentrates.

And it is not surprising. The media only shows us the image of the culture in which people are rolling joints, smoking bong and pipes, and eating “magical” cannabis-infused brownies. The whole notion of concentrates is relatively new, and the media has not adjusted to it yet.

Cultural representation of cannabis concentrates is now at its initial stage. Only several TV shows include the use of wax or similar products into their episodes. In fact, the previously mentioned wax, shatter, and oils are a large part of the industry now. They occupy a fair share of  shelf space in the stores.

The traditional perception of concentrates is connected with hash. Many people still associate modern cannabis derivatives with that hand-collected and mechanically-separated hash that has been known and made for centuries. The older generation is familiar with hash as white or black colored bricks made in distant Nepal and Lebanon. In fact, almost all modern manufacturers have moved from the old ways to the new solvent-based extraction that allows to retrieve only the essential oils using chemical solvents or the combination of heat and pressure.

There are several kinds of concentrates extracted in this way. Let us take a closer look at each type.


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