Banana Kush

Banana Kush

The Banana Kush strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing the legendary Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. It quickly became the star across California, where its popularity is still growing among recreational and medical marijuana users. The fragrance of Banana Kush is what everyone adores this strain for: the spicy fruit notes would make every marijuana enthusiast fall in love with it. When you smoke this strain, you feel like eating the best banana dessert in the world: the lovely flavor of a green banana underpins the majestically sweet experience.
The effects of Banana Kush
The high that the Banana OG strain delivers is incomparable. The same can also be said about its pronounced flavor. If you lack the motivation and enthusiasm to do something, take a hit of Banana Kush and give it a go. Banana OG also has the reputation of a strain that delivers a long-lasting impact—three hours of deep relaxation is not a surprise for those who have at least once experienced this weed. Banana Kush has the effect you will not want to end, as this amazing strain will take you to the world of sunshine, clear skies, and endless happiness. When the euphoria starts to fade, the feeling of inspiration will turn into delightful drowsiness. That is why Banana Kush is perfect to be used after a hard working day in a company of friends. Medical marijuana users like this strain for its ability to stimulate appetite and treat insomnia, bringing colorful and peaceful dreams.

Is Banana Kush worth to be grown?

If you decide to grow the Banana Kush strain at home, then go on, as it is definitely one of the strains that are easy to cultivate. However, when it comes to trimming, lighting, feeding, and humidity, the plants are a bit peculiar. Banana Kush is also a comparatively low-yielding marijuana strain, but in comparison with other hybrids, it has a short flowering period that lasts for about eight weeks. Banana OG plants are medium in size and produce buds of a bright green color with astonishing red hairs. Take into account that Banana Kush has a high level of THC—it can reach as far as 20 percent.

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