Badass Bongs

Badass Bongs

A splash of creativity, a strong desire, a sprinkle of ingenuity—that is all it takes to make cool badass pipes and bongs. Forget your favorite book about a parallel universe, stop thinking about the release of the new iPhone, a more important issue is how you can get high when the need arises. Indeed, the desire to smoke some of your favorite weed is a great motivator. Check out for these creative homemade badass bongs or visit any online weed shop for purchasing awesome badass glass bongs.

1. Fruit bong

Stop imagining some exotic fruit; for making a fruit bong, all you need is an apple. Of course, you will have to make some holes in the fruit first to make a path for the smoke, but that is a piece of cake. But once you have completed this engineering hurdle, you will have yourself a fun bong that will bring a festive atmosphere to your party. By the way, no one can forbid you to use some other fruit for your badass bong. A pineapple or a watermelon create a magic combination of tastes, so you will get a truly unique smoking experience.

2. Snow bong

Even if you are trapped in the wilderness, it is not the reason to give up. You still have a bag full of ganja and a lighter. The snow around will definitely work for creating a somewhat weird but a truly unforgettable smoking session. Just like the bong made of fruit, a snow bong can also be easily disposed, so there is nothing to worry about.Some sculptor’s skills, a strong desire to get high, and your friends to help you—those are the main ingredients of your snow bong.

3. Lego bong

Remember those plastic building blocks that you liked so much in your childhood? Well, it is time to use them in another way, a more adult one. Are you ready to combine your favorite toy with a super-strong weed? We are sure that your desire is so huge that it might just blow you up! To make a lego bong, you will need to use some of the features this toy provides: the windows will help you see inside your construction, and a block with a hole in it can act as a carburetor if you put it toward the bottom of your bong.

Find your own badass bong and remember that your crazy fantasies are the key to a really badass experience.

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