Backwood Blunt

Backwood Blunt

There are different methods of marijuana smoking, but a backwoods blunt has become one of the most popular among them.  

Backwoods are heavy tobacco leaf wraps used for rolling blunts—cannabis cigars.  

There is a great variety of backwoods flavors such as wild rum, honey, grape, sweet aromatic, honey-berry, banana, dark stout, black ‘n’ sweet, and others.

A peculiarity of backwoods is that they burn slower and hit a bit harsher than typical wraps or Swisher sweet blunts. A person who is not a tobacco smoker may feel a bit lightheaded and sick. To avoid these effects, you should not take big pulls.

Unlike most cigars and cigarillos, backwoods wraps are harder to unravel and roll due to the veins contained in natural tobacco leaves that make these leaves more fragile. But if everything is done properly, you will get a heavy-bodied smoke and a rich flavor. If you do not know how to roll a backwoods blunt, just follow this short 7-step guide and enjoy your smoking.

To begin, prepare everything for rolling your blunt. In fact, all you need is a backwoods cigar, weed, a grinder or your hands. You should remember that tobacco leaves have energizing properties, so in order to avoid negative effects, select a cannabis strain that would go well with this blunt wrap. It is recommended to take an indica-dominant hybrid or an indica to make the smoking effects well-balanced.

Step one. Grind up your cannabis.

Step two. Soften the tobacco leaf. Moisten it to avoid tears and cracks during the unrolling.

Step three. Unroll the leaf. Do it very gently and carefully not to rip it. Throw out the cut tobacco from the wrap.

Step four. Moisten the inner surface of the leaf.

Step five. Spread your marijuana in a line down the backwoods. Start rolling. Do not forget to do it very gently. Work your thumbs and forefingers up and down. Your task is to pack the weed inside. To make the blunt tighter, apply pressure with your thumb while rolling.

Step six. Lick and seal your blunt.

Step seven. Light your backwoods up and enjoy your smoke.

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