Art of Rolling and Mixing: Spliffs vs. Joints

Art of Rolling and Mixing: Spliffs vs. Joints

If you only met Mr. Cannabis quite recently, this guide will reveal many secrets of this natural gift. It is interesting to know that for many weed consumers smoking itself is not the only pleasant thing. They really enjoy the process of creating their cigarettes and filling them with special mixtures. The art of rolling is an indispensable part of the smoking culture. So, what do the terms spliff and joint mean? Undoubtedly, you could not have learned it at school.

Knock-Knock, What Is Inside?

Not every cannabis newcomer knows that there are three main types of rolls in smoking pot. They are called joints, spliffs, and blunts. The first two rolls are the most widespread and beloved among smokers, but the blunts made of tobacco paper are the ones who deserve a special attention of the real gourmets.

But how to differ a classy joint from an experimental spliff? The answer is more than easy: they have different fillings. If you chose cannabis classics, be sure to smoke a good joint. It contains only cannabis without any admixtures that can spoil the whole effect. But if experiments with marijuana are calling you, do not be afraid to try a spliff. Such roll consists of the mixture of cannabis and tobacco and has quite an unusual taste. In fact, even those who smoke tobacco cigarettes find the taste of spliff a bit strange, but if you are looking for something interesting and very special, this kind of rolls is what you need.

Some Technical Details

Joints and their mixed relatives are usually made of the same type of paper. Smokers who prefer joints and spliffs usually use light or even translucent paper. That is why it is easy to tell a blunt from a spliff or a joint, for instance, by the color of the roll. Blunts are often dark-brown while the other two types of rolls are white.

If you are afraid to burn your sensitive fingertips, we have a good news for you. Almost every spliff has a special protective filter. This tiny detail is called a crutch. Along with protecting your fingers from burning, the crutch also adds some stability to the roll. No more red marks on your fingers!

To Mix or Not to Mix

Many newcomers ask the same question about spliffs: is it safe to try them? The question is reasonable as the crazy mixture of tobacco and marijuana can lead to unpredictable consequences. Some smokers claim that they feel even higher after such experimental smoking, but others say that tobacco smoothes over the cannabis effect. Obviously, everything depends on your smoking experience and personal preferences. The ratio between the two ingredients of your roll matters, too.

However, doctors advise not to play with these mixtures too often. Tobacco and cannabis in one roll create a double load for Hippocampus—the brain center that is responsible for linking our senses. So, if you do not want to spend the rest of the day laying senselessly on a couch, make sure you rotate your spliffs with the more classic joints.

And for those who want to discover all the secrets of the smoking culture, AllWeedNews has a special advice—follow simple rules and you will see that smoking cannabis may be very beneficial. So, do not hesitate and start learning the art of rolling right know.

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