Arizona Medical Marijuana Legalization: Results

Arizona Medical Marijuana Legalization: Results

In 2010, the voters of Arizona approved medical marijuana use by the ballot initiative. Arizona laws allow a patient with a specific disease to possess 2.5 oz of marijuana or to grow up to twelve cannabis plants. However, to have such a right, a patient with a “debilitating condition” should receive authorization from a professional state physician. To become eligible for medical marijuana use, the patient has to have one of the diseases that are qualified as debilitating. The main of them are cancer, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and some other chronic diseases. Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is responsible for the creation of medical marijuana program in the state, giving licenses to nonprofit marijuana dispensaries, and the promulgation of rules on medical marijuana use. By the way, today, the number of marijuana patients in Arizona is equal to 97,938 people.

Penalties in Arizona

If you look at Arizona as a place where people have the right to use medical marijuana, you should realize that Arizona is a quite progressive state that is seeking to make the best for its residents. However, the criminal penalties relating to cannabis make us doubt it. Arizona has uniquely harsh fines, some of which can reach up to $150,000. More than that, the person caught cultivating weed or possessing two or more pounds of it with an aim to sell it has no right to be suspended or released before they have served the full sentence.

How Arizona laws punish marijuana possession?

If you were caught with less than two pounds of weed, you could be sent to jail for four months as a minimum and two years as a maximum. Possession of two to four pounds is punished with a six-month sentence minimum; the maximum punishment is two years. A one- to three-year sentence waits for the violator with over four pounds of weed. If you had the intent to sell marijuana, you will be punished as follows: selling less than two pounds of cannabis—from one to three years, two-four pounds—from two to eight years, more than four pounds—from three to twelve years.

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