Arizona Marijuana Laws

Arizona Marijuana Laws

This year, Arizona is planning to join the other 25 states of America that have already legalized marijuana. The forecast says that the Secretary of State will receive more than 260,000 petition signatures of the Arizona residents, which is almost three times more than it is required to call the statewide voting in November 2016. The new initiative is aiming at treating cannabis the same way that alcohol is treated by the state laws. It is expected that it will come into effect not later than 2018.

The new legislation will be called “Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act,” and according to some sources, the sale of medical marijuana products will start on March 1, 2018 and will be available for people older than 21. Besides, Arizona laws will allow possessing and using an ounce (maximum) of marijuana and grow not more than six cannabis plants. Those who will buy marijuana or have business in this field will be taxed by the state, county, and local governments. There will also be a new state agency that will control all marijuana sales and activity of the businesses. Driving under the influence of marijuana will be forbidden and punished with fees. So, as you can see now, if marijuana is legalized in Arizona, the state laws regarding its consumption will be similar to those in other states where weed is legal.

However, there is one thing in Arizona that will be different from the laws of its predecessors: taxes received from marijuana sales and the profit of cannabis businesses will be allocated to Arizona’s education program. Carlos Alfaro, the deputy of the campaign manager, claims that the rate of tax imposed on legal marijuana sales will be equal to 15 percent. This way, Arizona schools will get $30 million the first year after the adoption of the law and more than $50 million every following year. Although these numbers are merely the forecasts of the Budget Committee of the state, everything seems quite possible. Legalization of marijuana in Arizona has both the supporters who proclaim marijuana the new alternative treatment for different chronic diseases and opponents who say that it would be the worst thing to happen to the young generation of the state.

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