Are Stoner Jokes Telling the Truth About Marijuana Smokers?

Are Stoner Jokes Telling the Truth About Marijuana Smokers?

There are dozens of marijuana jokes that make us think that frequent smokers of marijuana are pretty stupid. Yet marijuana has been highly appreciated in some states as it provides lots of health benefits to critical patients. You know that medical marijuana is already legalized in 25 states of America and is allowed for using to treat cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease. It is mostly used to relieve pain. However, many experts claim that there is a lot to be studied concerning marijuana, and the use of the psychoactive drug may still bring unexpected side effects. Recently, scientists have conducted a study that showed something strange in the stoners’ brains. They have found a link between daily marijuana consumption and differences in the brain functioning before and after.

Addiction and the brain

For many years, scientists have suggested that there is a link between weed and brain processes and that if it is really so, it could play a significant role in marijuana addiction. They believed that addicted people differed from those who did not use marijuana at all from the point of neurology, psychology, and physiology. More than that, there are lots of external and internal factors, like environment, genetics, and behavior, that affect the person’s control. So, to conduct the study, the researchers from the Brain Health Center in Texas took 53 people who used marijuana daily for an average of 12 years and 68 people who had never used marijuana. The results were astonishing. It was found that cannabis disrupted the natural brain’s circuitry. It makes marijuana highly salient to those who use it frequently. Besides, the scientists warn that these brain alterations can turn marijuana use into a big problem.

Marijuana and the brain

Another study that was conducted in 2014 also impressed the researchers with its results. As it turned out, heavy users of marijuana comparing to those who do not use pot at all, have a smaller orbitofrontal cortex, the region of the brain that is responsible for emotions and decision making. No one is able to say what is the reason for this occurrence, but marijuana users have to take these facts seriously.

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