All You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis

All You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis

Nowadays, marijuana consumption is the topic of the hour not only in the U.S. but in many countries around the world as well. While recreational cannabis remains prohibited in many states, its medical use is gaining popularity.

After all, the medical use of cannabis is nothing new. Not many know this, but the plant was even used centuries ago. The history of cannabis goes back to ancient civilizations that started to use it both as the way of treatment and for relaxation.

From Chinese emperors to Victorian doctors—cannabis has been used as the “wonder remedy” for ages. Then, the War on Drugs originated in America, and the use of marijuana was largely banned.

Now, with the development of cannabis movement, many of us know about the benefits of marijuana treatment. Still, some people confuse the medical effects with stereotypical drug properties of the plant. So, we will try to guide you through the debris of stereotypes and misconceptions to the truth.


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