Alien OG

Alien OG

Alien Kush is one of the most potent marijuana strains of all time with the THC level soaring up to 28%! For this reason, Alien OG Kush is not the strain for beginners in the cannabis world. Since it was bred and launched on the cannabis market, it has taken the top shelves in the majority of California medical marijuana dispensaries. Today we can surely say that the Alien strain is the best OG available on the market (we are talking about the legal ones). Just one toke, and you will be flying higher than you have ever been before.

Origin of Alien OG

The cross of the amazing Alien Kush and Tahoe OG made it possible for us to enjoy this incredible indica-dominant hybrid—Alien OG. And for that, we have to thank the Bay Area enterprise growers who decided to create a new strain for marijuana lovers. The strain has a lot of indica lineage, and that explains why it makes the users sleepy. Alien OG’s pungent sweetness is the best thing for nighttime use. You will definitely be stuck to the sofa once you smoke Alien OG. What else do you need after a hard day? One toke, and you will feel your body completely relax. However, there is more to this Alien hybrid than just relaxation. The sativa effects of the strain will provide you with a creative euphoria and a blissful cerebral experience that will send you far away to another galaxy. Medical marijuana patients also appreciate this strain for its ability to fight chronic pain, migraines, glaucoma, and headaches. Patients who suffer from anxiety and tolerate THC well tend to use Alien OG for its strong sedative effects.

Aroma and taste of Alien OG

The scent of the strain is really pungent. Some marijuana users refer to the strain as the “double bagger” as you need to pack it up twice; otherwise, everyone will smell it. The astonishing lemony and piney scent makes the strain even more attractive. The flavor is a wonderful mix of sweet and sour notes.

What the strain looks like

Afraid of being deceived? All you need to remember is that Alien OG has dark green leaves and nugs of an almond shape.

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