Alaskan Thunderfuck and Other Intriguing Strain Names

Alaskan Thunderfuck and Other Intriguing Strain Names

There are some strains in the cannabis world that attract the attention of many marijuana smokers with their exotic names, like Alaskan Thunderfuck, Cheese, and many others. These weird names of weed strains always have a wonderful story behind them or are the result of real stoner creativity. We will get you familiarized with four completely different strains that have one thing in common—the names that seem out of the ordinary in the marijuana community. More than that, we will highlight the history and the properties of each strain.

1. Alaskan Thunderfuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck weed originates from the Matanuska Valley. It is a pure sativa strain. ATF’s unusual name has a special aim—to warn the consumers of its extreme potency that is able to induce the “creeper effect.” After consuming this strain, you will first feel really, really relaxed, but within minutes, the effect will change into a more intense euphoria. Such a change is similar to thunder. That is why the strain is named this way. The strain has a lovely pine and lemon scent that will make you forget about your stress and problems.

2. Cheese

As you could already guess, the unusual name of this indica-dominant hybrid is caused by the smell it gives off. Cheese originates from the UK, where it was accidentally conceived. The cognitive effects of the strain include the ability to elevate your mood and relax your body while helping to increase appetite and treat insomnia.

3. Gorilla Glue

Just like Alaskan Thunderfuck, Gorilla Glue has a name that warns the consumers of its effects. If you are not familiar with this glue, let us tell you that it is the type of adhesive that can bring you to the hospital for being stuck to different things. So, be careful with Gorilla Glue as it can literally glue you to the couch for three hours. And if you prefer smoking at night, then get ready to wake up in your living room the next day.

4. AK-47

The strain was created in 1992 by the Sensi Seeds company, and they were the ones to give the name to the strain. The main idea of AK-47’s name is to express how powerful the strain is. The level of THC in the strain’s content is around 20%, and back in 1992, it was the most potent strain that marijuana smokers had ever seen.

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