Alaska Welcomes Cannabis Cafes

Alaska Welcomes Cannabis Cafes

Alaska is going to become one more destination for cannabis tourism in the near future. Cannabis for recreational use has been legal in this state of the U.S. for nearly a year. But it is only now that Alaska might start attracting visitors with a convenience nobody has seen before in America.

In the middle of this year, the first cannabis cafe is expected to open its doors for weed consumers in Alaska. Upon government authorization, these public establishments will serve clients aged 21 and over, who will be able to legally purchase and consume pot edibles here.

In November, after the fierce disputes over the interpretation of Alaskan drug laws, the Marijuana Control Board approved weed consumption at retail stores. However, the Control Board has not given the green light for pot cafes appearing yet. Municipalities will make the final decision whether cannabis cafes will be allowed within each city.

The reason for this decision is that some cities in Alaska have strict anti-smoking regulations that do not allow smoking tobacco or cannabis in places of businesses, private clubs, or public places. In case municipalities legalize pot cafes, serving edible weed products, like cannabis-infused cakes, can be an effective way to get around the laws. With acceptance of edible consumption, pot users will be allowed to smoke marijuana and take it medically outside of their households.


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