Alaska Becomes One of U.S. States Legalizing Use of Weed

Alaska Becomes One of U.S. States Legalizing Use of Weed

Weed is considered to be a dangerous drug not only by many common people. The thoughts about its harmful qualities are supported on the medical, scientific, and even governmental levels. But the actual history of its use and cultivating shows quite the opposite picture: weed has many advantages, and that is why it is advocated for in many countries. The process of marijuana legalization continues all around the world even now.

Cannabis smokers now have a new point to add to their list of feeling-free-to-smoke destinations: Alaska. The state has recently become a new territory to officially accept weed use. There is a rumor that the very first cafe that will allow to consume cannabis in Alaska is opening its doors to the marijuana fans in the middle of the current year. But at this stage, it can be described only as a rumor that has not been confirmed yet.

The state of Alaska, following the Colorado state’s example almost step by step (there is a number of limits that are, as we would see below, similar to the previous state’s legalization experience), finally made pot consuming legal, which means that the use of cannabis has become totally allowed for those who are aged 21 or older.

Talking about the limits of marijuana consumption and storage in Alaska, we cannot leave it unmentioned that people are not allowed to have the amount of weed that exceeds 1 ounce on them or keep more than a 4-ounce pack of pot at home. There is also a strict punishment provided for smoking weed in public or driving high.

Alaska’s marijuana law is not fully composed or completely implemented yet. The juristic structure for businessmen wanting to set up shops or cafes like those in Colorado is still on its way to being worked out, so now it is not legal to make money growing or selling the drug or cooking the dishes containing it in an opened way.

There seems to be a movement of trying to legalize weed in many states, and some reliable informational sources are very optimistic on that front. Anyway, there is still an imposing amount of states that did not take the initiative. Moreover, they are trying to prohibit the legalization of marijuana. The rest of the U.S. territory have either stepped forward and legalized pot for medical purposes or decriminalized weed smoking, storage, and possession in the individual cases and for entrepreneurs.

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