AK-47 Strain and Its Fellow Hybrids

AK-47 Strain and Its Fellow Hybrids

The AK-47 weed strain is a great representative of sativa-dominant hybrids. However, there are more than enough options if you are looking for an uplifting effect from your weed. Take a look at these strains and make sure your expectations about them are true.

1. AK-47

The AK-47 strain has won so many awards that if we decided to list them here, there would not be enough space. As you can guess, this lady is a true legend and is considered one of the most famous marijuana strains ever! The popularity of the strain can be easily explained by its qualities, which make it perfect in all aspects. Marijuana growers like it for fast and easy growing (not more than 63 days) as well as unbelievably and magnificently high yields. The potency of the strain is quite high as it contains up to 20% of THC. It makes this weed a great source of the couch-lock effect. For the most part, AK-47 provides uplifting and relaxing sensations. Many marijuana users like it for its pain-relieving ability. Patients who suffer from insomnia take 1-3 hits of AK-47 to induce relaxation.

2. Moby Dick

The plants of Dinafem’s Moby Dick are simply the best, and we have proof of that. The strain has won several THC categories in 2008 and 2011, and even now, the cross of the breathtaking White Widow and the fabulous Haze is highly demanded among growers for its enormous yields, high potency, and easy growing. After a 70-day flowering period, the cultivator will be rewarded with a yield that can exceed 1500 g per plant grown outdoors and 650 g/m2 for indoor cultivation! The incredible flavor is combined with the aroma of pine and citrus. The effects of Moby Dick are highly psychoactive, providing a strong euphoria accompanied with happy psychedelic sensations after just a couple of hits.

3. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a 70% sativa-dominant strain that immediately gained immense popularity after being presented in the cannabis scene. The THC level of the strain is up to 22%, which explains why many coffeeshops in Amsterdam offer this product to their clients. The strain is highly appreciated for its smooth fresh and fruity flavor. Growers can expect 700 g of yield per plant! So, if you are looking for a strong, psychedelic head high, then Amnesia Haze is the best choice.

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