Advices to secure your legal marijuana growing

Advices to secure your legal marijuana growing

People from Americans for Safe Access sent some advises on how to protect your legal cannabis cultivation from law enforcement authorities. Summer is an attractive season for the enforcement authorities inspections so this advises are very useful to those growers who are interested how to act in different situations. The above mentioned organization would like growers to be more cautious to secure their plants and property from authorities who can visit them any time. The information stated below is not a legal consultation so if you need more information just visit your lawyer.

Above all, you need to have documents that contain all the compatibility information it’s better to make copies and all the originals to keep in a safe place.

  1. A permit that allows you to use domestic water from the water boards (obligatory for everyone).
  2. You need permit to use water from a well.
  3. In case of using container or a water tank not less than 5.000 gallons, you must have County permission for that tank or container and a support on which it stands
  4. In case you have flats or other constructions that are manmade you need to file permission for that.
  5. Proposition 215 compliance of all necessary agreement such as recommendations, contracts proving that you are supplying production to medical dispensaries.
  6. Put a copy of all required documents to the garden gate or other prominent place.

If you suspect that law enforcement authorities will come to check you up, take the following measures:

  1. It is forbidden to carry weapon, which is located on the territory where medical cannabis is grown, it’s highly recommended to take it away.
  2. All jewelleries and money should be kept in other place.
  3. Measure and mark the level of water in tank and write the day when it was done, also mark the level of gasoline or other fuel in the container.
  4. Take the photos of your cannabis plant and gather some information about your clients and local cannabis dispensaries, to show that your business is clear. Save a copy of those documents in cloud or on a hard drive.

Ask your neighbors or friends if they can be citizen observers. Presence of peaceful observers will reduce incompetent actions of law enforcement.

Americans for Safe Access recommend to have a medical marijuana growers license and all the necessary documents. Anyway, you can always use the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which gives you the right to not answer questions but simply to remain silent. All people need to know their rights and be able to apply them if the situation requires.

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