Advantages of Microdosing

Advantages of Microdosing

Lately, microdosing cannabis has been the most commonly used way of getting an energy lift and a bit of insight without getting stoned.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the ingestion of only one-tenth of a normal dose of either LSD, cannabis, or psilocybin mushrooms. The dose of between 0.2 and 0.6 grams creates a “sub-perceptual” effect, meaning that you become peppy, staying conscious and awake.

How to microdose?

Before starting your microdosing experiments, you had better test your body’s reaction to the substance you are using. Do not begin with big doses. A lower dose may help you find what works best for you. In case you have started off with a too high dosage, be ready to find yourself in the “limbo” condition (i.e., the feeling of disturbance and endless butterflies in your stomach). Finding a balance is a guarantee of getting more benefits from incorporating microdosing into your routine. It is recommended to make a two-days break between doses.

Microdosing with cannabis

Many people feel uncomfortable with psychedelics microdosing, that is why they usually choose marijuana to dose. For example, it may be one puff if you are smoking/vaping weed, or a small drop of tincture, oil, or canna capsules, or if you are an enthusiastic consumer of cannabis-infused edibles, you may eat just half of the amount recommended on the label. If you are seeking a lighter microdosing experience, use such type of cannabis as indica, because its strains raise appetite, make you feel relaxed, and provide relief from insomnia. However, if you are looking for a more alert microdosing experience, find a sativa strain. Sativas are widely known for their extreme uplifting effects due to their strong cerebral influence on the human body. Besides, similar to coffee, sativas raise the overall energy level and provoke splashes of creativity. However, if you want to try to synthesize the effects of both sativa and indica, then start looking for hybrid strains.

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