Ability of Marijuana to Treat Heroin Addiction—Truth or Myth?

Ability of Marijuana to Treat Heroin Addiction—Truth or Myth?

The number of patients who claim that marijuana helped them give up painkillers is rapidly growing. This fact intrigues and motivates lawmakers and marijuana advocates all over America as they are looking for a way to introduce cannabis as a treatment for pain as well as heroin and opioid addiction.

This year, the Journal of Pain has published a study, which revealed that the patient who suffered from severe chronic pain reduced their opioid use due to medical marijuana use. A study that was published in 2015 in the Journal of AMA found that marijuana could be used by patients as an extremely effective remedy for chronic pain and other ailments. But the study falls short of pronouncing marijuana as a treatment for opioid and heroin addiction.

The state of Maine considers including opioid and heroin addiction in the list of qualified conditions for the use of medical marijuana. Michelle Ham, the resident of the state, said that marijuana, not medicine, had helped her break free from her addiction to painkillers, which she used for her bad back and neck.

On April 22, 2016, marijuana buds were seen at the medical marijuana facility in Unity, Maine. A lot of health experts together with law enforcement officials assume that marijuana really helps reduce the number of overdoses and redirect money into fighting heroin. Inspired by the stories of cured patients, doctors from Massachusetts and California are conducting more and more studies and experiments to find out all of its medical benefits.

The government is also desperately trying to manage the sharp rise in drug overdoses. In Maine, only during the last year, the frequency of overdose cases increased by 31 percent, while in Vermont the indicator of drug-related deaths has increased by 44 percent since 2010. Besides, Vermont officials also think that opioid abuse is the reason for the dramatic increase in the number of children in state custody. Most states have legalized medical marijuana use for a list of conditions, though it has resulted in a tug war between many states. We think it will not be long until marijuana is clearly examined and used for treating different conditions, including heroin and painkillers addiction.

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