A medical marijuana miracle: can cannabis be used as a treatment for kids?

A medical marijuana miracle: can cannabis be used as a treatment for kids?

Although medical cannabis is not legalized on the federal level, there are a few states in the U.S., where you can get access to marijuana-based treatment. But when it comes to medical marijuana for kids, desperate parents have almost no choice.

There are about 100,000 kids with medically intractable epilepsy in the U.S. These kids cannot live a normal life because of permanent seizures. Some children with epileptic diseases have dozens and even hundreds of these seizures per day, every 10-15 minutes.

The worst part of it is that almost any drug prescribed by the doctor cannot help those kids. Moreover, some of the traditional drugs can be harmful to the little patients with epilepsy. So, the main problem of the families with the epileptic kids is the absence of an effective treatment for such patients.

Medical marijuana can do miracles

While we do not have a perfect treatment for the medically intractable epilepsy, we know for sure that there are some children out there who start to live and act like their non-epileptic friends thanks to medical cannabis. Parents do not need to get their baby “high” in order to decrease the number of daily seizures. They do not need to teach their kid how to smoke cannabis either. All they really need is cannabidiol (CBD)—a special non-psychoactive substance in marijuana plant that reduces symptoms of epilepsy and a few other diseases.

Parents can use medical cannabis oil with a high concentration of CBD. There are a few examples of the families with epileptic kids who tried to use this oil and saw all the marijuana medical benefits on their own.

One of the most incredible examples of the impact from using medical cannabis to treat epileptic kids is Charlotte Figi, a 9-year-old girl from Colorado diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. This disease is very rare and is absolutely intractable to a standard medical treatment. Trying to minimize the symptoms of her illness, Charlotte’s parents started to give their daughter cannabis oil, the exact one with a high level of CBD.

The results were almost unbelievablethe girl who did not laugh for severe months and suffered from multiple seizures every day spent a week without even a single seizure after adding cannabidiol treatment to her daily routine. You can see some other stories of epileptic kids who fight against the illness with cannabis’ help and find more info about CBD in a special movie made by NBC and released back in June.

Parents across the country are now fighting for a chance to make such treatment accessible to their epileptic kids. Although we still need to do more research to study how exactly the cannabidiol interacts with the kids’ bodies, we do know for sure that hundreds of little kids suffering from intractable epilepsy started to live normal life without seizures thanks to medical cannabis.

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