A ‘Marijuana’ diet pit

A ‘Marijuana’ diet pit

Smoke marijuana and get slimmer? It seems quite unbelievable, as we all know about appetite stimulation effect of cannabis. Consequently, cannabis users are eating more calories on average. Despite eating more (over 600 extra calories per day), pot smokers, on average, are skinnier than non-smokers even if they are used to eating more.

A new study, published in journal Endocrinology, shows that marijuana could really help lose weight through a mixture of cannabis and vitamin A. Researchers discovered that lipid deposits in zebrafish were reduced by activating complementary actions of the retinoic acid pathway and the endocannabinoid system. There is the same process in the human body. Scientists think that endocannabinoids, called 2-AG, play an important role in regulating the body’s metabolism.

This study opens up new ways to treat obesity and allows to avoid the need for invasive surgery. According to the researchers, a complex process that involves vitamin A and cannabis compounds can lead to weight reduction in humans. This effect can be achieved by administering cannabis in low doses.

The earlier studies of Californian researchers discovered a “hypermetabolic” effect of marijuana use. In the cannabis smokers’ body calories burn far more efficiently than in the non-smokers’. Moreover, pot smokers have normal blood pressure and a lower incidence of diabetes. Indeed, marijuana might help people to manage their blood sugar.

How can this plants help us?

There are so many different weight loss medicines, but we never can be sure about a lack of hidden dangerous components in it. The marijuana is not a panacea, of course, but have you ever heard about a fatal cannabis overdoses?

Undoubtedly, marijuana has so many medical effects, but we still do not know how to use it. Perhaps, this magic plant with its healing properties will be one of the main ingredients of a new weight loss medicine. Researchers think that it may be developed for human use in the next few years.

So be prepared to enjoy your new diet.

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