8 Tips for Minimizing Munchies After Smoking Weed

8 Tips for Minimizing Munchies After Smoking Weed

When you roll your next joint, you expect to enjoy the relaxing high of marijuana. Instead, you once again face the stressful side effect called the munchies.

Why Does Marijuana Make You Hungry?

Marijuana stimulates your olfactory receptors that produce signals to your brain similar to those it makes when you are hungry. It may be useful for people experiencing a lack of appetite, but extra calories might be a disaster for weed users who are conscious about their weight. Moreover, if you try to avoid your stomach rumbling and go to bed, it may lead to interrupted sleep, heartburn, and indigestion. So, how to avoid all of this? Here are eight tips that will help you minimize the munchies after weed consumption.

    Keep Yourself Busy

You can become thoughtful when you are high, and it is normal. But when all your thoughts are about food, you need to turn your attention to something else. Choose any type of activity you like: playing video games, watching movies, or communicating with friends. By actively doing something you will distract your mind from food while you are under the influence of weed.

    Consume Another Weed Strain

Some marijuana strains can enhance your hunger attacks, while others do not provide this effect. So if you get the irresistible munchies after smoking, just try another strain. See if you can find the type of weed that leaves you in control of your taste buds. One more tip: Pot strains with a high content of CBD are the best for this purpose. Thus, you can ask your budtender to advise you something with a high CBD level.

    Exercise Before Using Weed

Marijuana can help you lose weight despite its appetite-stimulating effect. If you smoke weed after your workout when your system is actively burning fats, then no snacks will be able to affect your body. You can choose any activity you like: cycling, running, or even doing yoga.

    Schedule Your Food Intakes and Follow Regime

This tip will be helpful for those who often experience hunger at midnight, not necessarily pot-induced. Schedule your meals and specify breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, along with times when you eat snacks. If you follow your schedule, it will be easier for you to manage the munchies madness. You can eat weed edibles as a part of your meal or replace the dessert with marijuana-infused chocolate. Thus, you can control your calories and not go beyond your daily limits.

    Keep Yourself Away From Food

If you feel that nothing can stop you from eating when you are high, it is better to get rid of any junk food in the house. Make sure that there are no chips or cookies in your kitchen before you start smoking marijuana.

    Prepare Healthy Snacks

You can turn the munchies into a healthy habit if you opt for healthy snacks instead of junk food. Tropical yogurt or a vegetable salad are tasty and healthy options of an after-cannabis snack. You can discover a whole world of delicious and healthy food that can replace pizza or Chinese food.

    Make Your Breath Fresh

As marijuana teases your taste buds and stimulates the feeling of hunger, getting rid of its smell will help you avoid the munchies. Make your breath fresh again, and you will forget about craving that mouth-watering piece of cake.

    Benefit From Munchies

If you cannot avoid the munchies when you are high, then make them work for you. For instance, some people find it hard to eat spinach or any other healthy yet not very delicious kind of food. However, they can easily eat them when they get the munchies because weed smoke can make any food tastier.

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