8 Signs You Need to Search for Another Dispensary

8 Signs You Need to Search for Another Dispensary

There might be plenty of marijuana shops in your state; however, not all of them are professional enough to offer quality products. Below are eight signs that will help you identify a low-quality dispensary.

1. Odd Budtenders

Walking into a marijuana shop should not make you feel like you are going to a club or café. In case your budtender is asking about your dinner plans or phone number, you are definitely visiting an unprofessional establishment.

2. Corner Store Feel

All dispensaries sell pot and cannabis-infused products. However, they must follow strict rules on advertising and selling. They are always clean and offer the highest service possible.  If you walk into some place and feel sketched out, just leave.

3. A “Too Perfect” Deal

Going to buy an ounce for $30? A quality ounce isn’t going to cost so.  Probably, you are being offered a badly trimmed or poorly cured plant. Just go to another dispensary and get a quality product from a respected supplier.

4. Homespun Waiting Room

Professional dispensaries usually have a waiting room looking like a doctor’s office. If you open the door and feel like you are visiting someone’s party, it is not the best shop to buy from.

5. Spending Limits

Some weed shops set spending limits on strains, pretending that they are giving you great deals. However, this is just a poor marketing trick. If a strain is really good, there won’t be any spending limit.

6. Bad Pre-rolls

A pre-roll needs to smell delicious and be rolled accurately. In case a dispensary can’t even prepare a pre-roll properly, how can they guarantee that their weed is any good?

7. Outdated Menus

Professional cannabis stores always have a well-organized and convenient menu. However, if you’ve come to buy a certain strain offered in the dispensary’s web-site and suddenly see something completely different on their menu, you should probably find another store.

8. It’s Too Quiet

Dispensaries are not only selling points to purchase strains. They are places of inspiration, knowledge exchange, and communication of true cannabis lovers. If you visited a too quiet shop with a strange and awkward environment, just leave.

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