7 Most Open Celebrity Marijuana Advocates

7 Most Open Celebrity Marijuana Advocates

During the last couple of years, the legalization of marijuana has touched more than half of the states in the U.S. and is continuing to get more followers. Several American states are now expecting to hop on board of the cannabis legalization ship this year.

According to the Gallup poll, almost sixty percent of Americans supported cannabis legalization in October last year, showing a steady increase from 2014. If you are still hesitating about your outlook on legalizing weed, look at the $100 million profit from recreational pot sales received in Colorado in August 2015.

Well-known and respected celebrities play one of the most important roles in changing mainstream attitudes to cannabis. They support and share our likes, and we love them more for this.

Specially for those who doubt that celebrities smoke weed, AllWeedNews has prepared a list of stars that advocate for the rights of marijuana lovers. Besides singer Rihanna and rapper Snoop Dogg we mentioned before, there are some other popular names that help push cannabis into the clear.


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