7 Famous People Who Share Their Names With Cannabis Strains

7 Famous People Who Share Their Names With Cannabis Strains

It seems that in 2016 marijuana is on the scene almost everywhere. Scientists are discussing pros and cons of medical cannabis and integration of this plant into traditional medicine. In some American states, where weed is legalized, cannabis tours for tourists are organized. And celebrities are creating a whole pot pop-culture. For example, Miley Syrus and Snoop Dog are not even trying to conceal their love of marijuana. They often post pictures of themselves chilling with giant blunts!

Inspired by all this weed-mania, someone decided to have fun and name some popular cannabis strains after celebrities. And this is the list of celebs whose names were immortalized in such an unusual way.

Charlie Sheen

Mr. Sheen is one of the highest-paid TV celebs. He is also famous for a very explosive temper and problems with law. Ironically enough, the Charlie Sheen hybrid strain is very sedative and is suited for relaxation.

Snoop Dogg

Weed has been Snoop Dogg’s best friend since the 1990s. Even one of his most popular songs is called “Smoke Weed Every Day.” This iconic rapper owns a whole cannabis brand, so it is not a big surprise that two widespread strains were named after him—Snoop’s Dream and Snoop Dogg OG.

Blue Ivy Carter

Of course, baby daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z has not tried marijuana yet. But someone was touched by this cute little angel and decided to name a very soft pot strain after Ivy.

Stevie Wonder

Inspired by the relaxing and uplifting tracks of Mr. Wonder, weed experts created a magnificent Stevie Wonder strain. Some consumers claim that smoking sessions are especially good if you listen to the music of this soul prodigy during the process of inhaling.

Barack Obama

The President of the U.S. has probably made the biggest contribution to the integration of cannabis in America. That is why a very powerful strain Obama Kush shares its name with Mr. President.

Tiger Woods

This legendary golfer is famous for his special opinion about marijuana. He thinks that all athletes can enjoy the benefits of pot in order to overcome stress and improve body recovery. One of the greatest hybrid strains got its name from this open-minded sportsman.

Margaret Cho

Outspoken, funny, and creative American actress and comedian Margaret Cho is also a famous cannabis activist. She stands for legalization of medical weed and developing cannabis tolerance.

As you can see, celebs are not afraid to show their sympathy to cannabis. Who knows, maybe the green doctor helped them fulfill their creative potential?

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