7 Easy Steps to Get Your Homemade Bong

7 Easy Steps to Get Your Homemade Bong

Bongs were created especially for those weed users who want to inhale a large amount of the very dense, concentrated smoke and enjoy the process in the most pleasant way possible. These bongs—or water pipes, as they are also called,—help a marijuana smoker inhale a cooler, cleaner smoke that is free from most carcinogens. Thereby, the whole process of smoking weed with the help of a bong becomes smoother, cleaner, and cooler than smoking pipes or cigarettes—in both literal and metaphorical meanings.

Want to see it for yourself? Try to make a bong at home by following these seven simple steps:

1. Take any plastic can or a bottle you can get to create the base of your homemade bong. A regular 2L bottle will be a perfect choice.

2. Next, you need to make a little hole in your bottle to let the smoke in. The hole needs to have about 3 mm to 6 mm in diameter—enough to let you put a tube inside of it. Place it in about 5 cm from the bottom of the can, so there will be enough space for both water and smoke. The best way to create the hole is to use a metallic paper clip (without any plastic cover on it). Just draw the outline of the hole with a pencil or marker, heat the clip and create the hole.

3. Take a tube that works best for you and put it in the hole you have already made. You can use any kind of a tube you want, from a special one bought at a specialized smoke shop to a simple plastic tube made of a pen. Set it at a positive angle so the herb you use will not get wet.

4. Now you need to fix the tube and make sure it is completely airtight to prevent the smoke from leaking out of the bottle. You can use tape or gum, both will work well. To make the joint even more airtight, use a rubber grommet.

5. Attach a bowl to the end of the tube. It is better to use a high-quality bowl, but you can also choose an inexpensive one. Anyway, you better use a bowl made of glass because it is the safest material. You can buy a glass bowl at any specialized smoke shop or simply order it online. If you are going to use a bowl made of a different material, make sure it is safe for inhalation before using it.

6. Net, pour water into the bong until the inside part of the tube is drowned. The tube needs to be underwater by at least 2 cm or 3 cm. But remember that the more water is inside the bottle, the less space is left for the smoke.

7. Make a cleaning hole halfway down the bottle the same way as you did before. Make sure you placed it a bit higher than the first one so that the smoke is not mixed with the air coming in.

If you followed the instruction step by step, now you have you own homemade bong. Now all you have to do is to load the bowl with your favorite bud, cover the clearing hole with your finger, light the weed and suck in lightly. When the bottle is filled with smoke, put your finger away from the clearing hole and start inhaling the filtered smoke.

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