7-Day Detox Program to Pass Urine Drug Test

7-Day Detox Program  to Pass Urine Drug Test

Many pharmacies sell a variety of products that promise to clean you from drugs in no time. But no one can guarantee you that they are indeed effective or, more importantly, safe for your health.  We have prepared an overview of the most effective and simple ways to detoxify your system in just a week or even less, depending on your body. When dealing with THC detox drinks, it is extremely important to find that one that will really help.

Will 7-day detox suit me?

The purpose of any detox is to complete the total cleansing of the body in seven days. It means that when the day of the test comes, you will not have to do anything else as your body will already be drug-free. However, some drugs can stay in your system for longer periods. That is why the 7-day detox program will be a great choice for you if you have consumed:

– weed
– cocaine
– ecstasy or amphetamines
– different opiates, including morphine

These are only some of the cases when you may use a 7-day detox. Remember that everyone has a unique body, and detox drinks do not have the same effect on every patient.

How does 7-day detox work?

An essential thing for any stoner is to abstain from cannabis completely. You will never get a clean body if it is constantly being pumped with new drugs. Aside from that, we recommend you to follow a healthy lifestyle as sport and diet will increase the effectiveness of the detox process. If you want to make sure that THC is completely removed from your urine, use a detox drink right on the day of the urine drug test even if you did not have a chance to do the whole 7-day detox process. For heavy users of cannabis, we recommend repeating this process over a 14-day period.

I have a lack of time to complete a full course of drinks, what should I do?

In case you do not have a free week to complete the course or you believe that it is something that takes less time, there are still some ways to pass the urine drug test with no obstacles and negative consequences. You can use special drinks or pills exactly on the day of the urine drug test. This implies abstaining from weed for at least a couple of days, but if you can abstain from it longer, it will be better.

There are many options from which you can choose the most suitable one so that you make sure you do not get busted when taking a drug test.

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