7 Best Weed YouTube Bloggers

7 Best Weed YouTube Bloggers

There are thousands of cannabis enthusiasts in the world. If you are a passionate weed smoker, you might want to widen your knowledge and find out something new for making your cannabis usage even more awesome. YouTube is here to help! Below, there are seven most popular weed YouTubers to follow.

1. Bubbleman’s World

Bubbleman’s World is a great option for those who want to learn new extraction techniques, ways of consuming weed, and much more from a cannabis user with over 20 years of experience. “Hash Church” discussions are amazingly popular among numerous pot followers.

2. CustomGrow420

CustomGrow420 is a channel that almost every weed supporter has watched at least once. Unique and creative content has attracted more than 1 million subscribers. These videos will definitely make you stuck to the screen for hours.

3. RuffHouse Studios

Looking for recipes for cooking with pot? Then this channel is right for you. Moreover, here you will find funny cannabis-themed parody trailers and plenty of information about rolling techniques.

4. Haley420

Hundreds of how-to videos for both newbies and experienced pot users are available on Haley420. Here, a young girl shares crazy smoking challenges, product reviews, and much more.

5. Green House Seed Company

Green House Seed Company is a real treasure for those who are trying to cultivate their own cannabis plants. Make sure not to miss the awesome Strain Hunters series, which features the crew traveling all over the world in search of rare strains.

6. SilencedHippie

SilencedHippie is a great virtual companion to smoke with. Numerous how-to videos, handy tips, and smoke sessions in nature are the perfect background for consuming weed.

7. StrainCentral

StrainCentral is just a cool dude who offers high-quality content with plenty of interesting facts and amazing tricks.

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