6 States Close to Marijuana Legalization

6 States Close to Marijuana Legalization

The most important years for decriminalization and legalization of weed were 2012 and 2014. Colorado, Alaska, and Washington have since been joined by some other states. Here is the list of the next states to legalize marijuana with the help of ballot initiatives planned in 2016.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is a famous state for growing the most recognizable types of weed in the world. The bill on cannabis legalization was presented this year, but unfortunately it died shortly. The state has great potential for high marijuana tax revenues.

2. Maine

Despite the north-eastern location, which is so far from the western, dominating in weed legalization states, Maine is up to making its own efforts to achieve legalization. Residents of the state have already gathered a lot of signatures to activate the process.  

3. Nevada

Residents of Nevada do not want to feel abandoned and isolated. They are preparing for the coming ballot for weed legalization instead. The process started at the beginning of 2016, with the legislature members and residents collecting signatures to be ready for making stabs at the 2016 election cycle.

4. Ohio

It was rather unexpected when Ohio suddenly claimed being interested in marijuana legalization. The law, proposed by Ohio state legislation, was perceived with great skepticism for numerous reasons, but it did not stop the voters from promoting this idea through media.

5. Missouri

If marijuana legalization will end up on the 2016’s ballot in Missouri,, it will be the most surprising event of the year. As the state is situated on the crossroads of Southern and Mid-Western America, it tends to be more conservative and legal than the states of the west coast.

6 .Massachusetts

One more state that is gearing up for 2016 cannabis legalization is Massachusetts. The state residents are not afraid of legislation changes, as they were the first in the USA to legalize the marriage of people of the same sex.

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