6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

6 Essential Distinctions Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

Smoking and eating cannabis are two different ways of getting high. In order to avoid an unfortunate experience, you should know some basic information about each of them. The following six differences between the two ways will be useful both for newbies and seasoned consumers.

1. Edible cannabis is hard to dose

Even an experienced user can make a mistake in dosage, mainly because there is a considerable delay between consuming the edible and feeling its impact. At the same time, the effects of smoked cannabis can be felt within seconds. This allows increasing the dose bit by bit and controlling the process.

2. Differences in absorption

It is said that the effect of cannabis edibles is much stronger than that of smoked or vaporized weed. Why is that so? In brief, weed that is consumed through eating is metabolized by the liver, which converts delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy-THC that produces a much stronger feeling of euphoria than regular THC.

3. Edibles have a smaller impact on health than smoked weed

Marijuana-infused products are becoming more popular among users because many people simply do not like smoking or are concerned about their health. Vaping can also be an option in such case, but it provides a shorter lasting effect.

4. Duration of impact

The effect of edibles can be felt within 30 to 120 minutes and continue for up to several hours. Smoke or vapor influences you right away. Moreover, comparing to smoked weed, they provide a smaller concentration of cannabinoids to the blood flow.

5. Discrepancies in advertised potency

Sometimes different batches of the same product have very different levels of potency. That is why it would be wise to test a new cannabis edible and always start with a small dose. Otherwise, you may find out that the product is much stronger than you thought.

6. Edibles bring all-over body relief

It is considered that marijuana-infused products produce more of a complete body effect, while smoking is better if you are interested in a head high.


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