6 Best Weed Strains

6 Best Weed Strains

After months of exhausting studies, L.A. Weekly has finally posted the list of six cannabis strains that seem to be the most popular and awesome. All of them are first-class strains that really work either for killing the pain, for writing a novel, or just for relaxing after a long working day. Some strains lock you to the soft sofa, some send you to… where was I? Oh, right. Well, they are all awesome. Drum roll, please.

1. Paris OG

Do you want to have Paris by your side all the time? Then it is time to go to Perennial, one of the greatest collectives in L.A. that is full of 6-foot-tall plants! This marijuana dispensary is the trendiest in the city. Besides, it has free parking and best weed containers to keep the yield fresh.

2. Dr. J’s Alpha Omega OG

It goes without saying that this strain is among the most potent strains the growers have ever planted. A mysterious grower in California has discovered the incredible effects of cannabis that is now grown near the cool Pacific waters. It could make this strain one of the top five, but one aspect has ruined everything: one-eighth of an ounce costs $72. Ouch!

3. Kosher OG

This indica-dominant hybrid has special fat calyxes and prominent pistils, so it is not possible to confuse it with anything else. At first, Kosher OG makes you feel cerebral, then it spreads all over the body and completely relaxes you. For one-eighth of an ounce you have to pay $40, but it is worth it, and many marijuana enthusiasts even put it against any $75 strain.

4. Green Crack

Not the best name for a superior weed strain. But it is truly remarkable. It will not exhaust you because it is a zippy pot that raises your creativity and stimulates brain function. So, if you are looking for inspiration, Green Crack is here to help you.

5. Gucci

Definitely a good name for a marvelous strain. There are three factors that distinguish this strain among others: smell, taste, and lavish impact.  

6. VIP Punch

Have been searching for a strain that gets you high in one or two hits? This one will knock you off your feet immediately! What is even more attractive in this strain, except the cool impact, is the reasonable price: $35 for one-eighth of an ounce. Huzzah!

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