5 Well-Known Medical Benefits of Marijuana

5 Well-Known Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Due to the absence of evidence, there are still many people who deny the advantages of marijuana use. However, there are those who not just believe but have experienced the pros of cannabis on themselves. So, let us talk about medical benefits of marijuana and find out something new.

Marijuana and depression

Many worry that marijuana use causes low spirits. Is that true? Is marijuana a depressant? Let us see. Marijuana belongs to the group of drugs that contains active components, including cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Because of this content, the smoker feels relaxation and tiredness. So, the answer is no! In fact, marijuana has antidepressive effects on the consumers.

Treatment for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a widespread eye disease that increases the intraocular pressure and damages the optic nerve, simultaneously causing loss of vision and severe pain. Marijuana decreases the pressure inside the eyeball and relieves the patient from the pain. Besides, the use of weed slows down the progression of glaucoma and prevents the patient’s blindness.

THC has a positive role in treating Alzheimer’s disease

Kim Janda from the SRI has conducted a study that showed that cannabis could slow the progression of this disease. Besides, another study that was published in one of the pharmaceutical journals in 2006 found out that THC, the active marijuana component, retarded the formation of amyloid plaques, blocking the thing that creates them—the enzyme in the brain. These are the exact plaques that kill the brain cells, which causes the disease.

Marijuana protects brain

A study shows that weed helps protect the brain from damages after a stroke by decreasing the size of the area that was damaged in the result of a stroke. Another research also claims that marijuana has positive effects on the human neurological condition. Besides stroke damages, cannabis is also able to protect the brain from other things, including concussions.

Kills the pain of multiple sclerosis

The CMA Journal has published a study, in which 30 patients with multiple sclerosis and painful contractions were researched. The scientists found out that THC bound to nerve receptors and killed the pain, controlling the muscle spasms.

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