5 Tips on How to Save Dried Out Marijuana

5 Tips on How to Save Dried Out Marijuana

What can be worse for a stoner than the dried out stash? Exactly, nothing! Here we will show you five extremely easy hacks for how to save weed from turning into a pile of garbage. Firstly, let us find out why it happens. Cannabis buds have a huge list of reasons to get dehydrated, and the most common one is its transportation to a dry area after it was grown in humid conditions. Whatever the reason is, it sucks when your weed goes bad. Use these five ultra-simple and trustworthy ways to keep water in your weed.

1. Fruit peels

We recommend peeling an orange, a lemon, or an apple because of their wet skin. Then take a glass jar, fill it with the fruit peel and your dry bud, and seal the lid. Leave it like that for no longer than a day. Check the weed regularly. Your herb will in fact absorb the fruit peel moisture and become more usable. While smoking, you will even be able to feel a light taste of fruit.

2. Bread

This method requires a slice of bread, a bag and, of course, your weed. Place them all together and let them sit overnight, then remove the bread. Make sure you do not leave the bread for longer. You definitely do not want your weed to get moldy, right? And besides, no stoner would want to waste time on rehydration of the herb.

3. Wet paper towel

Take any glass jar and put it in a horizontal position with dried weed inside. Then put a paper towel on top of the jar but not touching the buds. Put on the lid and leave it like that for a few hours. As soon as the paper towel becomes dry, the weed will be brought to life and ready for immediate use.

4. Lettuce

This method is very similar to the ones with fruit peels and bread, though in this case, you need to place your dried out weed in one bag  with a small piece of lettuce for about four hours and afterwards remove the leaf. By that time, the weed will have soaked in enough moisture to give you a nice taste. This technique is absolutely the most effective as lettuce will not transfer any taste and smell to weed as fruit will.

All ways require a lot of attention, so it is probably better not to bring weed to the drained condition, don’t you think?

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