5 tips for success in growing and selling marijuana

5 tips for success in growing and selling marijuana

The Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver has designed a course about how to grow and sell medical marijuana and be successful within the rapidly expanding medical marijuana market. This course promises to give listeners some key advices. It will start in September and be open for anyone anytime.

Following this tips you can become a great professional of marijuana industry. So where exactly should you start?

1. Forget your previous illegal experience

There are, of course, a lot of veterans who were growing cannabis long before it became legal. And nearly all of them have a lack of key knowledge. That is one of the most widespread delusions: illegal growing and selling of marijuana is not the same thing as making a the licensed medical cannabis product.

Obviously, many people working in this area for a long time are knowledgeable enough about growing marijuana, but oftentimes they have no idea how to manage equally important parts of the process: finance, regulations, marketing, and more.

Nowadays, creating a standardized education system will provide people with access to high quality products and services. In short, if you want to be a pro, you have to learn from a pro.

2. Create a production plan

During the work you will face many challenges, as growing and selling medical marijuana is more difficult than just cultivating plants for your own use.

Building a big business means overcoming big problems.

As with any agricultural crop, there are a lot of issues you have to look at. Pest management, energy consumption, legalities and regulations, sanitation issues. To be prepared for such things is of particular importance if you want to avoid losses, that is why you should think your business plan through carefully.

The main challenge is that growing and selling pot as an agricultural of horticultural crop is regulated from pharmaceutical perspective.

3. Focus on consumer satisfaction

People like marijuana. That is why they are ready to buy more and more of it. But that does not mean that marijuana seller has a client base.

Primarily, you must be focused on consumer satisfaction. If your customers get marijuana from a legal supplier, they can be sure it is clear and safe. This is the key to success and an advantage over illegal competitors.

Build your marijuana business like any other business.

4. Have a boutique brand

When it comes down to loyalty, one of the more important things is to make a boutique brand.

Of course, marijuana strains differ, but actually there are much more variation between beer and wine than between your product and someone else’s.

When customer gets a fine product, he is likely to come back next time.

5. Be a good seller

You have got to be a great grower as well as a great seller. It is clear you really must be able to communicate with clients. For a successful grower that means to have awareness both of the sales and the production side of marijuana industry.

How to invest in marijuana industry? How to sell your product? How big is the market? Where am I and who are all this people?

It is about personal skills: try be someone who can understand technical and financial aspects and at the same time communicate with the client. That is the way you need to move and develop yourself.

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