5 Super Easy Ways to Reuse Weed Stems

5 Super Easy Ways to Reuse Weed Stems

Marijuana stems may cause a lot of problems for cannabis smokers. And not everyone knows how to use these stems instead of just throwing them away. Here are five creative ways on how to reuse marijuana stems and benefit from it.

1. Make tea or hot cocoa

Have you ever tried to brew tea with cannabis stems? No? This process requires a minimum of time and effort. All you have to do is decarboxylate the stems and grind them up. How to grind weed? Oh, for doing that you may use either weed grinder, or coffee grinder, or just tear the stems with your hands. Then add the stems to the water and keep it on a low heat for 7 minutes.  You can add this brew to your tea or hot chocolate.

2. Topicals

There are so many kinds of topicals made of stems that you definitely have to try to create at least one of them. Marijuana-infused topicals have a great therapeutic effect, and you can have a lot of fun while making some of the. Use any basic recipe from the Internet and add some vitamins or essential oils. If you want to made a topical that will help you combat the pain, add a bit of lavender or peppermint to it.

3. Hemp wick

Today, hemp wick is widely used by marijuana users because it is the best way to avoid butane fumes from regular lighters. And you can use  marijuana stems to make your own hemp wick! All you need is to take the longest stem and strip it with something sharp, like a knife or a blade, until there is nothing left but strings of fiber. Then, twist these fiber strings together and make a rope. Once you have finished, dip the rope in beeswax and let it dry before using it.

4. Hemp paper

Do you want to make your postcards unique and elegant? Then try to make a hemp paper from marijuana stems that are scattered all over your house! Excited? Then soak wrapped marijuana stems and paper pieces in water for one night. Later, blend your scraps of paper with stems and pour the substance onto a screen. The process will take at least 24 hours, so you have to be patient.

5. Baskets

It is not correct to think that old ladies are the only ones who may enjoy waving baskets. You can make a wonderful basket from your old marijuana stems. If you are worried that some stems may break while you are waving them, take a few long stems and soak them in water overnight.

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