5 Strains to Smoke While Watching the Olympic Games

5 Strains to Smoke While Watching the Olympic Games

Do you enjoy watching the Olympic Games? For that, you need the right strains, like Platinum Bubba Kush, and you will have the perfect time in front of the TV. Here are the top five strains that we have gathered in honor of the Olympic Games.

1. Michael Phelps OG

Michael Phelps is the real champion among other strains. You surely have to pay your attention to the 18-time gold medalist. The smokers call it the Olympic rock star as the strain makes you extremely motivated. By the way, Michael Phelps OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for watching the Olympic trials.

2. Platinum Kush

Platinum OG Kush is an elite strain for those smokers who are too cool for a real medal. Watch the games deeply relaxed with heavy lids but still with a happy grin on your face. You will surely like the deep, earthy aroma of the strain with a light touch of tropical fruitiness. Besides, Platinum OG Kush resembles the taste of the famous rainforests of Brazil.

3. 24k Gold

Every stoner needs to feel like a champion at least once in their life. While most of us might never find out what it feels like to hold Olympic gold, 24k Gold is probably the second best feeling after it. A 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, 24k Gold is a great choice for camping out on the couch during your favorite sports games. Besides, you will feel a strong rush of laughter and euphoria.

4. Silver Haze

Silver Haze is the perfect strain for those who want to feel like at least like a second-place winner. The famous Amsterdam breeding company Sensi Seeds has created a perfect strain for professional marijuana users as the THC level exceeds 24%. Look forward to feeling happy while having a clear mind and experiencing amazing cerebral effects.

5. Bronze Whaler

Named after a shark, Bronze Whaler is a simple and perfect strain. When your favorite sportsman takes third over gold, Bronze Whaler will surely lift your mood. With a 16% THC level, the strain is a great start for newbies in the marijuana world. Though the sedative effects of Bronze Whaler are quite gentle, this strain affects you for almost 4 hours! There is no other strain with such a long-lasting effect.

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