5 Health Benefits of Marijuana Usage

5 Health Benefits of Marijuana Usage

It is only a matter of time before plants are legally used as treatment of patients with cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, and many other diseases. Here are five positive effects of weed that scientists have proven. Enjoy!

Protection against devastating infections

Effects of marijuana on the brain are really impressive. In 2005, the researchers found out that THC, the main element of weed, not only protects the brain from accumulated damages but also causes the growth of new brain cells through the process known as “neurogenesis.”

Asthma attacks treatment

Many people do not believe in the marijuana health effects, while studies seem to prove they really exist. During the continuous studies, U.S. scientists have finally proven that a small dose of THC helps treat asthma attacks immediately. THC causes the bronchus extension, preventing the seizures. Besides, using a drip under the tongue, you release yourself from pain in the sensitive areas of your throat and prevent nose irritation that causes seizures. So, basically, it is possible to prevent future asthma attacks with the help of weed.

Psychiatric disorders treatment

After a definite amount of failed clinical studies, the researches could not prove that THC caused drastic changes of mood, but a positive change is definitely present. Patients diagnosed with different mental illnesses recovered after the THC therapy. Besides, if we look at the symptoms of dysthymia such as poor appetite, loss of sleep, lack of energy, low self-esteem, and depression, we will notice that weed specializes in their treatment.

Insomnia treatment

Many patients who suffer from insomnia say that marijuana causes good sleep better than any other medicine. Indeed, the studies indicate that THC reduces the time of falling asleep and shortens REM sleep. In places where marijuana is legalized, patients are offered natural pills that contain THC to treat insomnia.

Cure of hard drugs addiction

Recent studies found out that THC cures the addiction to such hard drugs as cocaine, heroin, and others. Due to THC, the physical and mental separation becomes simpler for the addicted patients.

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