5 Hacks for Growing Gigantic Marijuana Buds

5 Hacks for Growing Gigantic Marijuana Buds

If you hope to grow some giant, delicious bud plants, then you are at the right place. To get fantastic results from your crop, you need to know a few things. First of all, the process requires a bit of practice. We understand that there are many things in the growing process that may confuse you. That is why we are here to help you out. These five hacks are your instructions for growing insanely large buds.

1. Start with the best

Everyone knows that to get an excellent end result, you should start with high-quality seeds. Spare no efforts and find a reputable breeder in your state. You can also choose a clone that has a well-established root system. Before purchasing seeds, make sure your growing space is equipped exactly for the strain you are getting. For instance, it is impossible to get a nice yield of sativas if they are grown in a tiny room.

2. Nute the plants

It does not matter which strain you have decided to grow and where: the nutrients are the key to your success. To receive insanely big buds, you need to speed up the growing stage. This will give your marijuana plants enough time in the flowering stage, and your plants will spend more energy creating gigantic flowers.

3. Watch the pH level

Each plant needs to absorb nutrients effectively and properly. That is why the soil or the hydroponic system you choose has to have the right pH. For cannabis, it is nearly 6 pH. However, this level may vary from 5.8 pH to 6.5 pH.

4. Do not forget about the lighting

The growing of any plant is impossible without lighting. When you are growing weed indoors, and the plants have reached the desired size, it is time to force them into flowering. For that, switch the plants to a 12:12 light cycle. The earlier your plants start to flower, the more time they get to produce huge buds.

5. Temperature and humidity

These two indicators are what you have to monitor all the time. For seedlings, the optimal temperature is 20-24ºC with 60% humidity. Adult plants require the temperature that is not higher than 26.6ºC and the humidity level of up to 55%.

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