5 Best Smoking Glassware Brands

5 Best Smoking Glassware Brands

The process of weed legalization has kicked into gear in the last few years. As more and more states vote for cannabis legalization, even more entrepreneurs see the potential benefit of producing smoking accessories. In fact, the industry is rather beneficial, and the competition between cannabis glassware producers is growing bigger. The functionality and quality of the smoking gear show that not only the industry’s veterans produce first-rate weed smoking pipes, but also many young companies have reached the highest standards.

Glass, being the most popular material for bongs and pipes, is available in various shapes and sizes. We have already dwelled on the water pipes functions and types, let us switch to the topic of their production. So, where can you buy high-quality glass pipes and what brands can be trusted?

All following companies provide the gear of the best quality, decorated by the best contemporary glass art designers.


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