5 Best Indica Strains to Fight Insomnia

5 Best Indica Strains to Fight Insomnia

When people feel sleepy, they usually try to solve this problem by drinking an extra cup of coffee. But this way does not work with the patients who suffer from insomnia as their problem is not about needing to have some rest but their inability to fall asleep. Luckily, marijuana can be a solution to this problem. We will tell you about five most effective cannabis strains that will work a thousand times better than your pills.

Purple Wreck

If you want to fall into a deep sleep and wake up rested, Purple Wreck suits you excellently. When people talk about indica vs sativa high, they try to define which strain is more potent and which will bring them a more distinct euphoric feeling. Purple Wreck is an indica strain with a delicious grape-like flavor. It is the best choice for getting relief from stress and pain. This strain will relax your body and mind at the same time. Besides, Purple Wreck can also improve your mood and rescue you from anxiety.

Purple Kush

If you want to get a long-lasting, strong effect from a strain, then you should choose Purple Kush, a pure indica strain that is incredible at treating insomnia, severe pains, and anxiety.

Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush has a delicious light and sweet taste. What you get from this strain is the perfectl balance of mind, which will make you fall asleep in seconds.

Northern Lights

This is one of the most famous marijuana strains as it quickly makes you happy and relaxed. Want to feel a dreamy euphoria? Then this strain with a spicy and sweet aroma is exactly for you. Northern Lights treats not only insomnia; it also deals with stress and paranoia. Warning: if you are on any type of diet, be careful as this strain not only makes you sleepy but also boosts your appetite.

Bubba Kush

For those who have problems with sleep, Bubba Kush is the best choice as it is the strongest indica strain. The taste will surprise you with a bit earthy and rather sweet flavor. It helps get rid of insomnia, manages depression, and reduces stress. Besides, Bubba Kush acts as a great painkiller, which makes the strain highly demanded by medical marijuana patients.

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