5 Best Bongs

5 Best Bongs

There is not a person in the world who does not know what the bong is, and it is not a surprise that people are often looking for the best deals on bongs. It is obvious that a more expensive bong has a higher quality, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford a pricey smoking appliance. So what are people like that supposed to do? The answer is to read our article and choose the bong of a good quality for less than $100! Or make your own homemade bong!

1. Colorful mini-bongs

These bongs are special acrylic water pipes of different colors and shapes that today are the most popular smoke devices among weed enthusiasts. The greatest advantage of acrylic bongs is that they are only 8 inches tall, which makes them portable.

2. “Fixed pot” bong for singles

This type of bong is featured with a filtration system that will make your every inhalation smoothed to perfection! The fixed pot one-piece bong is 5″ tall. The bong is featured with a water tank, a slider, a carb hole, and a mouth—a tube of curve shape. Besides, it is possible to upgrade this bong with a double water filtration system for a better smoking experience!

3. Mini glass bong for him and for her

This transparent borosilicate mini-bong is featured with a round base and a double reinforced downstem, which increase the bong’s stability. Besides, the bong is equipped with a 10 mm joint and a female bowl of the same size. The glass handle will make this bong easier to use and ensure protection from heat. If you want to have a quick hit on the go, then this mini-bong is exactly for you!

4. Usual glass bong

In spite of its small size—only 7 inches high—this bongs hits really hard. Sometimes size may be very deceptive! The shape of the bong, the way it fits in your hand, and the smoke from it are as nice as the “stoned” feeling after marijuana. The bowl stem can be easily removed, and the bong base holds enough water, so this is definitely a good choice.

5. Matrix

Imagine three water bottles that are interconnected and taped to a plastic chamber—this is the most creative bong ever made. Besides, it is the cheapest one!

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