5 Сelebrities Who Joined the Cannabis Industry

5 Сelebrities Who Joined the Cannabis Industry

The days when even the slightest gossip about consuming marijuana could cost a celebrity their reputation are over. Today, more and more celebs want their name to be associated with this wonderful plant, and they are proud to represent their own labels within the cannabis industry.

It is interesting that celebrity-branded strains are much more expensive—they can cost you up to 24 percent more. However, they are still popular and have a good reputation. And that can be easily explained. When you see strains with such weird names as “Tripleproof Bluemoonshine” or “Alaskan Thunder Fuck,” celebrity names on the labels look like something that definitely deserves your trust.
However, weed products manufactured under celebrities’ names are not limited to marijuana strains; there is a wide spectrum of various products, for any picky customer.

Whoopi Goldberg

As a woman, Whoopi Goldberg knows way too well how difficult it can be to go through period cramps. Together with edibles maker Maya Elisabeth, she decided to create special products under the label Whoopi and Maya that would combine the best of medical marijuana for treating these symptoms. They include tinctures, bath soaks, topical rubs, and edibles infused with cannabidiol, the marijuana compound that has an analgesic effect but does not get you high. The celebs wanted to make an organic alternative to chemical pills usually prescribed by doctors, and cannabis served this purpose well enough.

Snoop Dogg

The label Leafs by Snoop is probably the most famous among marijuana consumers. And that is not just a coincidence: apart from the famous name of the celebrity, edibles, concentrates, and hand-picked marijuana strains stand out from other products due to their amazing design. So far, it is probably the most beautiful and smart line of cannabis products.
There are eight different marijuana strains (four indicas, three sativas, one high-CBD strain), five kinds of chocolate bars, waxes, and shatters released under this label.

Miley Cyrus

You hardly could have associated the charming Hannah Montana with marijuana rolls, but this girl is actually not a little kid anymore. In 2014, you could find Miley Cyrus’ branded rolling papers on the merchandise table during the singer’s tour. She was offering paper that was mixed with 24-karat edible gold leaf and sold for $65 a pack (12 sheets) for “only legal smoking herbs.”

Willie Nelson

The country music star invites all pot enthusiasts to his shows to share a musical experience and a few joints. He offers ready rolls, vape pens and cartridges, and 1/8- and 1/4-ounce cans with fresh flowers. Nelson insists that marijuana should not be considered as a drug, but only as an herb and a flower. After Nelson wrote the song “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” you could not have expected him to stay away from this industry, so sooner or later, he would be in it anyway. And indeed, in 2015, Nelson established his brand Willie’s Reserve.

Wiz Khalifa

You can hardly find a picture of Wiz Khalifa without a joint, so it is no wonder he decided to create his own perfect marijuana strain under his name. In 2016, he presented Khalifa Kush, an indica-dominant strain with super powerful THC levels (26-29%) and about 2 percent of CBD.

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