4 Weed Strains to Make You Hyperactive

4 Weed Strains to Make You Hyperactive

As you know, cannabis strains are generally divided into those that make you “nailed” to the sofa and those that provide you with an incredible energy charge. The latter allows you to get rid of fatigue and remain active all day long, no matter how difficult it is. For some people, the hardest thing is to get out of the warm bed in the morning. Do you know why? Yes, fatigue literally gravitates us to the pillow, so that it seems like nothing can give us the energy and inspiration to start the new day. Well, we are glad to inform you that the right strain can give you a boost of motivation to make your arms and legs and everything else moving. Or maybe you do not have problems with fatigue, and you just want to be energized all the time. In any case, sativa strains are what you have to choose. To find the best weed strain is rather complicated, as there is no strain that influences all patients in the same way. But do not be afraid to experiment and brighten your life.

Durban Poison

Imagine you have to finish your course work but feel your eyes beginning to close on you. You simply cannot fall asleep but also do not know how to make yourself stay awake. We have a solution! Take your vaporizer, fill it with Durban Poison, and breath in the smoke. Firstly, you will feel its sweet and spicy flavor, but just in couple minutes, you will find yourself extremely active, creative, and motivated.

Girl Scout Cookies

Some smokers do not think that it should be in the list of uplifting strains, but nevertheless, its ability to improve your mood and increase creativity makes the Girl Scout Cookies weed a worthy competitor of Durban Poison.


As soon as you open the jar with a Jillybean strain, you will smell the sweet aroma of oranges, mangoes, and wildflowers. The way the strain smells together with its uplifting effects makes Jillybean a great source of inspiration.


There are many stoners sensitive to THC—this component makes them anxious, paranoid, and even sleepy. Luckily, there is a strain that provides energy without THC in its content—Harlequin. It has a minimum of psychoactive effects and keeps your mind and cognition clear.

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