4 Ways to Smoke Weed Depending on Your Mood

4 Ways to Smoke Weed Depending on Your Mood

Of course, cannabis takes you away from your problems, helps you relax, and makes you giggle a bit. But did you know that there are several best ways to smoke weed depending on what you are feeling and thinking at a particular moment? More than that, each way creates a unique and new perspective of the world, so the way you consume marijuana is extremely important. Check out the mood/toking pairs that will encourage you to try something new and memorable.

1. Feel happy—smoke a joint

You will never find anything that brings such a feeling of freedom and relaxation as a joint. And it is not some cross-joint or a braid, no, just a simple roll that burns slowly enough for you to enjoy the moment. The joint is the ideal way to smoke weed for those who are free-spirited and want to share joy and happiness. Originally, joints were designed for “round smoking” in a group of friends to create unforgettable memories. Do not be disappointed if you are home alone. A joint can spark up your best memories and leave a pleasant feeling for the whole evening.

2. Sadness? Then it is time for tasty edibles.

To tell the truth, we do not recommend using marijuana in order to manage your feelings. The only reason for it is that you will surely lose count of how much weed you have already consumed. Edibles do not have an immediate effect on you, so by the time THC activates, you will probably have eaten too much and feel really nasty. Other non-infused foods, like chocolate or hamburger, will help you even better.

3. Intrigued? Try a pipe.

Pipes are the perfect choice for traveling as they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Rather comfortable, right? A pipe will be a great fellow in any outdoor adventure or even a trip across the whole country. It is so compact that it takes a minimum of space even in the smallest travel bag.

4. Feel a creativity boom? Make it stronger with a vaporizer!

Scientists have already found out that a vaporizer pen was the healthiest way to consume marijuana. It differs from the common ways, but it means the ability to think outside the box, experience a new taste, smell, and high.

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