4 Ways to Germinate Weed Seeds

4 Ways to Germinate Weed Seeds

The key to a high-quality and big yield is the successful germinating of marijuana seeds. This stage means that you have to make efforts in order to help your seeds sprout. So, if your goal is  to grow healthy and strong plants, then you should start the seeds off on the right foot. Here are four best techniques for successful germination of weed seeds.

1. Rockwool

Rockwool is a unique growing medium that is made of basalt and chalk. To germinate the seeds, use either plugs or blocks made of rockwool. The main difference between them is that rockwool blocks are perfectly suited for growing different strains of marijuana, while rockwool plugs are for germinating one seed at a time. To create an ideal growing environment with rockwool, you should flush it with distilled water and soak in water with a 5.5-6 pH. When the rockwool is ready, plant the marijuana seeds 1 centimeter deep into the rockwool. The temperature of the environment should be up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In a couple of days, you will see your seeds starting to sprout.

2. Peat pellets

If you plan to grow your plants in the soil, then this method is the best choice for you. All you need is to soak the pellets in water until their full expansion. After that, put the seed in the hole that you may see on the pellet’s top and cover it with peat. Make sure that the pellet is always moist. Wait a few days, and you will see little sprouts coming out of your peat pellets.

3. Biodegradable pots

The best thing about this method is that as the pots decompose, they will provide fertilization for your plants. To start the germination, you need to fill the biodegradable pots with the growing medium—pre-fertilized soil—and seed starting mix. Make the soil moist and plant the seeds 1 centimeter deep. As soon as the seeds sprout, you may transplant them directly into the ground.

4. Soil

This method is quite risky, but it works. You need to plant your seeds 1 centimeter deep into the fluffy and nicely aerated soil and keep it moist. But be careful not to flood your plants.

So, these are the four techniques you can choose from. We hope you will find your favorite one depending on your time, preferences and, or course, budget.

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