4 Tips On What to Do If You Smoked Laced Pot

4 Tips On What to Do If You Smoked Laced Pot

Buying cannabis from shady dealers is always dangerous. You cannot be sure that you are purchasing pure and safe herb with no harmful additives. While most coffee shops and dispensaries usually guarantee the quality of their products, weed that is laced with amphetamines, molly, cocaine, or even laundry detergent still does exist. In case you’ve smoked laced weed, here are four tips on how to remedy the situation.

1. Call an Ambulance

Some symptoms that may indicate that you require urgent medical care include:

Extreme paranoia
Feeling drunk or intoxicated
Strong allergic reactions
Memory blackouts
Loss of consciousness
Intrusive thoughts
Talking nonsense
Unmotivated aggression

2. Call Your Friend

If you experience some mildly unpleasant feelings after smoking cannabis and it seems that they do not require urgent medical care, you may consider asking a friend to come over. Should the state of your health become worse, you’ll need to have someone reliable to call the doctors. Your friend or loved one can also help you to wait until the uncomfortable symptoms subside.

3. Let Yourself Vomit

If your body wants to get rid of the stuff after you’ve eaten in an edible or inhaled while smoking weed, let it do what it needs to do. Letting yourself vomit might give you a significant relief.
Note: if you cannot stop vomiting, it’s time to seek urgent professional medical assistance.
In case the situation is under control, the following tips may make you feel better:

Take a hot shower
Drink peppermint tea
Drink a glass of water in slow sips
Avoid large meals and alcohol until you are feeling healthy again

4. Have a Rest In Comfortable Environment

It’s important to have a rest in a safe, quiet and comfortable environment. Weed is known for its ability to induce paranoia, which can in some cases make the idea of smoking laced pot more traumatic than the reality of the situation.

Make sure that your symptoms are starting to recede. Otherwise, call a doctor immediately.

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