4 Signs of Marijuana Use

4 Signs of Marijuana Use

Do you want to know if one of your friends smokes weed? Find it out with the help of the next four signs.


The easiest way to find out whether a person smokes marijuana is to look for weed paraphernalia at their home. This method, however, is more suitable for parents because they have access to the living space of their child. Glass pipes and bongs, joints, blunts, and various homemade smoking devices indicate a marijuana smoker. Though, the presence of such devices is not an evidence, right? Take a closer look at the smoking device you found—if there are any ash residues on the device, you can be sure that it was used for smoking weed.

Increased appetite

An increased appetite is one of the common side-effects of marijuana use, So, if your friend is a picky eater and suddenly they become more open to various kinds of food, it may be a sigh that they smoke cannabis. But do not jump to conclusions and look for further evidence, because there are many other reasons for food cravings.

Red eyes

There are two reasons why cannabis smokers usually have red, sleepy-looking eyes. First, their eyes may be irritated by the weed smoke. And secondly, red eyes may be caused by vasodilation—a condition when blood vessels in the eyes are relaxed and filled with blood. While being under the effects of cannabis, a person may also have dilated pupils. Some marijuana smokers even use special eye drops to make their eyes look normal again, although these drops will not help them hide their droopy eyelids and dilated pupils. So, if you know that a person who does not suffer from dry eyes uses the eye drops, it can be a sign of cannabis use. By the way, here is an essential information for you and your friends: weed stays in your system for at least 3 weeks, so it is a bad idea to donate blood if you smoke weed.

Poor time sense

An inability to gauge the time passage is another indicator of marijuana use. For smokers, the time usually goes slowly. So, if you want to test a suspected marijuana user, ask them to tell you when they think one minute has gone by. If the person is affected by cannabis, your test will most likely last just a few seconds.

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